My name is Shawn. I am a software engineer living in beautiful Charleston, SC with my lovely wife and two daughters. I blog sometimes.


Tools, technologies, & skills

JavaScript + React.js + AngularJS + Node.js + Functional Programming

HTML5 + CSS3 + SASS + Responsive Design

Git + Version Control + NPM + Yarn + Build Tools

UI/UX Design + Agile/Scrum

Section 508 Compliance + Web Accessibility


Bourbon List is a list of some of my favorite bourbons. I built it to use ES6 Template Strings and the Tachyons CSS framework.
CrossFit Charleston needed a mobile-friendly redesign. I used Squarespace and incorporated custom CSS to get some features and looks that did not come out of the box with the template.
Pastor with No Answers is a podcast that needed a simple mobile-friendly website for directing listeners to. I chose to use Squarespace and added some custom CSS to achieve a clean look.
My Box is the final project app I built at The Iron Yard. It was created for CrossFit Athletes to track their fitness progress, create random workouts, and to locate CrossFit gyms. It was built using AngularJs and Firebase.
Simple TODO app using ForerunnerDB, a NoSQL In-Browser JavaScript Database.
Set List Pro was a group project some of my classmates and I built while at The Iron Yard. It is a webapp for musicians to find song chords and save them as setlists for music gigs.