Why do people love to talk about the glory days of how they used to be able to do x, y, or z?

Let me give you an example. If you ever talk about your PR (personal record) on a lift or how you cut down your 5k time, you will inevitably get someone who will let you how they used to lift so much weight or how they used to run a 5k everyday.

This is just annoying and yes, maybe you shouldn’t talk about what you do for exercising like CrossFitters do (guilty as charged!). However, if it does come up in a conversation, why do people feel the need to one-up you by saying how much they used to lift or run? How is it even relavant if you cannot currently do that?

Living in the past

Don’t live in your past glory. Nobody cares that you were the star football player in high school or that you benched 300lbs in college. What are you doing at this moment? What are you doing to improve yourself now?

That’s what you should care about.