Something I just do not get is when people, especially “leaders”, do not take responsibility for their actions.

These are the people who will always play the blame game and throw others under the bus any chance they get.

This isn’t a good way to make friends by the way.

These people burn every possible bridge they ever had access to. Maybe this wasn’t as big of a deal before social media and the digital age but now the world is more connected than ever. This means your crappy attitude and demeanor will get noticed and potentially affect your ability to get hired or promoted.

Maybe not in the short term. Maybe you work for a old-school company that doesn’t value transparency and teamwork. Maybe your company is filled with these types of people and leaders. Your company probably won’t last very long though. You’ll start to lose contracts and clients because more and more people want quality and openness.

If you can’t accept responsibility for your actions, you will eventually drown.

Take ownership and start growing living.